Jean Tinguely, MÉTA‑HARMONIE II 1979

A conservation project by Laurenz Foundation, Schaulager


They clatter and squeak, they bang and rattle: Jean Tinguely’s colossal sound sculptures, the Méta-Harmonies, are considered key works in this Swiss artist’s oeuvre. The sound-mixing-machines, as Tinguely calls them, are constructed out of scrap metal and a selection of other curious found objects.

After running for almost forty years, Méta-Harmonie II (1979) had to be restored. The kinetic sculpture is part of the collection of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation. The work is on permanent loan to the Museum Tinguely in Basel where it has been installed again for visitors to see and listen.

Learn more about the conservation process of Jean Tinguely’s Méta-Harmonie II (1979) and the demanding challenges the team of conservators was confronted with.